Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Wish....

Today I have renewed hope for our teens. 
I had just finished shopping at a local shopping center. 
While  I was waiting for a break in traffic so I could exit the parking lot, onto a very busy street, 
I saw something that...... 

 I saw a teen boy riding his bike on the opposite side of the street.
I saw, 
that he saw,
 someone in need.


Was an elderly lady 
standing in the grassy median
of the very busy street
she was bent with age
 holding tight to her walker
unsteady on her feet 


Slowed his bicycle
then quickly dropped it on the sidewalk
on the curb 
he was waving his hands to stop traffic
then crossed  to the center
a perfect gentleman
so gentle
I could not hear his words
but his actions were clear


saw that I was also needed
 to help with this crossing
waving my hands to slow traffic
 on my side of the street 
I used my car to completely block all lanes

to quietly assure her that he would be right back
he quickly ran her walker to the sidewalk
only to return to her side
to carefully offer her his strong arm 
and guide her slowly 
to the safety of the sidewalk

yes ....

I WISH.....

I knew more young people this thoughtful

I WISH.....

I could tell his mother what a fine young man her son is going to be 
(....I'm sure she knows, but it's nice to hear it from an outsider)

I WISH.....


The Picketts said...

I'm banking on this being more pregnancy hormones than the fact that I'm a big fat cry baby - but yes, I'm crying like there's no tomorrow. How sweet and precious is that?! You really don't see those kind acts very often - so when you do, they really mean so much. Thank you for sharing!!!

Jan said...

I'm banking on ME being a big cry baby! I am second guessing my actions as well. I think maybe I should have stopped to see if she was lost (or escaped). She had to be in her late 80's. I hope everything is OK.....

Dana said...

My first thought as I clicked on the comment button was "Why am I crying?" Then I read the two comments...others were touched too! I love this story. I wish I could have seen it happen in person! Awesome! I could just see you, blocking all the lanes, proud to help out in your own way. I LOVE IT!!!