Monday, October 31, 2011

I Spy Sunday

The house is clean, yards done, laundry too....what to do? 

 Drive to where the pumpkins grow.
 I spy many shapes and colors of pumpkins.

 gourds a plenty

I spy fruit crates!

I spy apples, several types.
I guess I have never seen Key Limes. 
I was surprised to see they were about the size of a 50 cent piece.
  I love the fall colors at this Farmers Market.

I spy
an orchard in someone's front yard
with a clean white ranch fence
and on old tractor
country life
on the outskirts of a big city. 

We had a nice day just enjoying the sights of roads we seldom travel, 
right here,
 close to home. 
You never know what's just around the bend....








  What a day
We need to do this more often!


Kayla said...

I L O V E this Post! So fun! I love the photo of the bend in the tracks!

I love reading your blog and how you turn it into a fun story!

Melissa said...

Beautiful pictures! Where did you go? I need to go there. :)

Dana said...

Very fun. Wish we could have joined you (thanks for the invite)ha ha ;)

It's nice that you and Dad got out for an afternoon alone. I love the pictures. Glad you had a good time.