Sunday, June 28, 2009


This October it will be three years since my mom passed away. She had pancreatic cancer and fought a brave battle. Last year my brother Mike got a tattoo in our mom's memory. My other brother Tom (Mike's twin) decided he was also going to get a tattoo for our mom. He got his today. His has a lot more detail than Mike's does. Mike went with him and had the purple pancreatic ribbon re-done to brighten the purple up a little bit. These guys are nuts, it looks like it hurts like crazy!

Strange how things happen. Our mom survived 18 months after she was diagnosed. She passed away on my brothers, the twins, 47th birthday. Time wise she died almost in the middle of their birth times. Tom was born at 1:37 pm, Mom passed at 1:51 pm, and Mike was born at 2:00 pm, all on October 15th.

Um, there will be NO tattoo for me! Sorry Mom, can't do it!


The Picketts said...

EEEE! That looks like it hurts!

By the way - i LOVE the new background and all that goes with it!

The Gustafson Family said...


Sweet Grandma Rita said...

OUCH !! it is a way to honor Karen, but there are other ways too. I thinik all her children and grandchildren do a wonderful job of honoring her.