Sunday, June 28, 2009

30 Years Ago Today

..... was a Thursday, not a Sunday. I was swollen, very swollen. Nine months to be exact! I woke up to a normal Thursday, anxious for Friday to come. Yes, Friday June 29th, the due date of my very first child. Anxious to see if my intuition was correct, that I would have a daughter. I was feeling a few "twitches" that were different from the Braxton Hicks I had been having for months. Because of this, I asked Jerry to stay home feeling that possibly today was the day to have a baby. Just after noon I was starting to have contractions so we went to the Dr to be checked. (My weekly appointment was for the following day, Friday June 29th, my due date.)
It must have been a very busy day for Dr Nanni because he was in a pretty stinky mood. He practically yelled at me, said; "you are only dilated to a 1, just because tomorrow is your due date doesn't mean anything! Go home and don't call me until your contractions are 2 minutes apart, and regular for more than an hour!" Wow, way to go Dr! That's a sure way to get a very pregnant, first time mom in tears, so home we went. The day seemed to go on forever, but by midnight my back hurt so much I couldn't stand it and we went to the hospital to be checked, again.

Whoo hoo, I was at a 2 and they kept me! By 1:30 I was all checked into the hospital and in a labor room. Seriously, back labor is the pits! I labored all night long and just as it was time for my weekly Dr's appointment, at 9:34 am Dana Michelle, came into this would all sweet and girly! I had a major accomplishment too, besides having a baby, I went through labor and had no drugs, I had her completely natural! Grammy and Ryan, Grandpa, Grandma Kackie, and Uncle John were all in the waiting room, waiting to get the first peek of the newest member to join our family.
I guess I showed my Dr, this girl does have her baby on her due date!

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