Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Fun, and Adorable Babies

Saturday the girls and I went to the O C swap meet. It was perfect weather for walking the grounds. We bought a few things and had lunch then came home. FUN! We dropped Dana off then went to Laci's. Matt was in Las Vegas for a bachelor party for his brother, so I spent the night. This morning, Laci and I were joining her friends for the March of Dimes Walk For Babies . We arrived on the Loma Linda Campus around 7:30 AM . We were a group of 5 women, 6 babies, and 2 toddlers. This is Mackenzi and Evan holding hands. Evan's adorable sister, Macy. Macy wanted to play with Lincoln, her adorable little cousin. Lincoln's adorable twin, GavinMackenzi's adorable brothers, Jace and Quinn. Mackenzi was playing with Evan IN the planters! We spotted this little Poodle wearing pink princess clothes and pink shoes, just like Mackenzi's. She even knows how to look at the camera! We thought she was so funny...silly dog.

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