Sunday, November 4, 2012

More Than Changing Seasons

I am the kind of person that likes to switch things up occasionally. 
I like things to have a new fresh look.
 I also like things to be easy. 
On me. 
after much thought we decided it was time to pass our above ground pool on to a family that would use it more than 2 or 3 times each summer.
This was anything but easy. 
They worked their tails off to accomplish all they did in one day.
Here are pictures from the beginning...


They worked really hard all day long. 
It took them 3 trips to move everything to their house.
They even took one of my potted trees that needed to be planted.


I went out this morning to start MY work. 
Boy oh boy am I in for some hard work. 
There is several scoops of sand and rock to get rid of 
before I can plant anything in this area.
We also have to dig up 8 cement posts that anchored the deck, 
and three that anchored the fence.
I started with mowing the lawn, 

trimming a bush to the ground that was covering the hose and hose hanger.
On this side of the garage is a Morning Glory vine that is out of control.
I cut as much as I could fit into our green barrel.
The rest of the planter will be torn out as soon as the trash has been picked up.
This planter is in jeopardy as well. 
I think some serious trimming and thinning is needed here too.

As for this area....

Let me tell you, 
it's going to be beautiful.
But until then I will be chipping away at it slowly but surely. 
Our trash cans will only hold so much weight at a time.
This is not what I call easy. 
It just might take me all winter to finish. 
But I do love to work in the yard!
 I might have to buy a
pool to cool off in during next summer's heat .

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The Picketts said...

What are you going to put there? A veggie garden? A flowery reprieve? More grass? I can't wait to see what you do! :)