Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I have to say this is the best Halloween I have had in a long time.
 I don't like to drive anywhere, 
there are just too many kids darting around for my comfort. 
I stay home ...sometimes handing out candy, 
sometimes hiding in my nest, too lazy to pass out treats to the little darlings.
as the darkness drew near, our new neighbors across the street turned up their scary sounds CD. 
Our other neighbor that has had her festive orange lights up all month, 
and the sound of excited kids
I quickly grabbed some twine,
 flame-less candles, 
my bowl of candy, 
an old chain,  
my best witch laugh,
 and headed outside.
I tied the twine to the back of the chair.
Then I fed it through the fence, and tied the scissors to it for some weight.
 This gave me something to hold onto so I could make the chair rock 
 Then I sat on the back side of the fence just waiting for my first victim. 
In the dark
I rattled the chain, banged it against the fence to draw attention to where I was, 
swatted candy under the fence while either saying I'll get you my pretty, 
or making the scariest witch cackle ever.
The candy wrapper scraping on the driveway sounded just like scurrying mice.
I have to say I think I scared the parents more than the kids!

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Laci said...

You would have for sure scared the CRAP out of me!! :) I'm glad you had fun!!!