Saturday, September 29, 2012

By The Light of the Silvery Moon

After a break in the hot weather, the heat is back! Tomorrow through Tuesday is supposed to be in the triple digits. So...I decided to get the yards done dusk. I got the front yard done in the daylight. As I started the back yard the sun was quickly setting.
I turned on all our yard lights and continued.

I have a mowing partner, my grandma. 
As a child she was playing with the family push mower and cut her pointer finger off. When I was a teenager I would mow her yard for her, with her old fashioned push mower. She would always remind me to keep my hands away from the blades. I do not own a push mower but we do have front throw mowers. Every time the front basket fills up, the right side always has more clippings than the left. I always wait until the blade stops moving before I even out the clippings, and I hear her voice reminding me to keep my hands away EVERY time!

Tonight I decided to write a post on how I always feel her with me when I am mowing. As the sun set lower and the moon began to rise I thought how funny it was to be mowing the yard with the light on and the moon out...a full moon. I guess Grandma was really with me because when I saw the moon the first thing I thought of was when she used to sing By The Light Of the Silver Moon to us.

This led to many more songs that I may or may not have learned if she didn't sing to us. 
One Dark Night
How Much is That Doggie in the Window
Ka Ka Ka Katie
Red Wing
 I think Red Wing was one of her favorites.

These songs sung to a little girl so long ago got me to thinking about my grand kids.
I sure hope one day in the future something jogs the memory of songs and lullabies sung to them...and they remember me and those moments fondly.
 I can honestly say this is the first time I have ever mowed the lawn after dark.
When the sun rises I hope the yard looks as good as it did in the moonlight!

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The Picketts said...

Thanks for sharing! Man, I miss that special lady! :)