Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who Knew?

Have you ever been out running errands and came across an item that you had never seen before? 
Well that is exactly what happened to us tonight!The hubs and I went to Lowes for a few items for a project he is working on. It was really warm inside. When we came out I said we also needed to make a stop at Rite Aid for a an ice cream cone few items. 
We needed band-aids for work.
 Jerry stabbed himself with a letter opener today and we were fresh out of first aid items. 
We loaded our hand held basket with needed items and were ready to leave when we spotted 
THAT item......
 How long has it been around. 
With something this needed
 has it not been one of those
  AS SEEN ON T V   items? 
Is this something that just hangs out on the shelf at Rite Aid?
Who Knew?
Man that monkey looks happy!

don't walk, 
on over to your nearest Rite Aid 
and get your self a bottle before the craze catches on! 
I laughed my ass butt off reading this.
My day is complete!


EVALYN said...

was it by the butt paste?????

Jan said...

Hahaha, but it should have been!

Dana said...

I have to know...did you buy it??? It might come in handy on a hot day for our favorite monkeys! ha ha

Dana said...

After closer inspection....yes, yes you did. It is modeled on your kitchen counter. Love it!

Amy said...

LOL this is too much.

Kayla said...

Jan, I love this!

Jan said...

I heard it from a friend that if you go to a Harley dealer they even have pink Anti Monkey Butt bottles just for girls!

Melissa said...