Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer Delights

This summer Jerry and I have spent most of our Saturdays in Balboa cleaning Laci's in-laws beach house. The location is awesome, just steps away from the sand, surf , and Balboa pier. Most Saturdays consist of a hectic schedule of getting in just as the renters are leaving, and getting all the laundry and cleaning done before the next renters arrive. This past weekend nobody was arriving so we put off cleaning until Sunday. It was a really laid back cleaning day. It was very nice not to have to get everything done in 4 hours, before the next arrivals. I decided to go get some cleaning supplies and things the house was running low on. On my way back from shopping I saw that there were quite a few sail boats on the water, very close to the shoreline. I turned onto a street to get a closer look and this door, that is really a side yard gate, caught my eye!
I noticed the boats were heading south. I quickly called Jerry to meet me in the alley so we could walk to the pier and watch them sailing to where ever home is.

Yes, I'm glad we put off for Sunday,
what is usually done on Saturday!


Lopez Life said...

That is so cool!!! The sail boat pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

The Andrew's said...

I love the sail boat pictures!! So pretty!