Saturday, September 4, 2010

OH Duncan!

He is our house guest this weekend.....and he is love-able! He is a big dog, but still a puppy!
Duncan loves to play with toys!
Did I mention he is still a puppy? It's a good thing our Daisy has lots of toys to share. She will never miss a few of them.

He thinks he is a lap dog. He jumped up in the recliner with Jerry.I think he wants to play!
I also think Jerry likes the kisses Duncan gives him! Look how happy Duncan makes him!

Look at that face! adorable....wait everyone is still in bed and I'm taking pictures!
Why....because Duncan TOOK OVER my side of the bed.
Not once, but TWO nights in a row!

When Duncan got dropped off, Kelsea's beloved Bearie was also left behind. Did I mention Duncan is still a puppy? Well, he was playing with Bearie and got a little too rough for a well loved almost 5 year old chenille bear.
So, hopefully Kelsea will love her Bearie with her new tummy.
...and a new bigger heart to love her little girl with!

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The Picketts said...

In my head, the part where Duncan got on Jerry's lap and you said Duncan wanted to play...I thought, "or make out with Jerry..." ha ha ha! I crack myself up.
Really, that Duncan is one of my favorite pups! :o)