Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tent Camping with the Grand Kids

Earlier this month Laci asked me to watch her kids so she and Matt could attend a wedding in Palm Springs. Sure, that was no problem. Then Dana had a party she wanted to attend, she asked if I could watch the kids.....sure, the more the merrier. So I arrived at Laci and Matt's house early Saturday morning armed with fun stuff for all the kids. The Rogina kids and I had a fun and playful day. It was time for dinner and Braeden and Kelsea arrived just in time. It was now me, and 5 kids! We ate dinner, had baths, watched movies and had yummy cookies for our snack. When the twins were put to bed in their room, I put together the tent I brought for our indoor camping! What fun. We read books and tried to settle down for the night. Mackenzi was having a hard time so I told her she was going to have to go to her room if she didn't settle down. That girl, she wanted to go to her bed! She was asleep within 5 minutes after she was in her room. That left Braeden, Kelsea, and me. Luckily the kids were tired and went to sleep fairly easy.
While I was lying there with Braeden on one side, Kelsea on the other, and Hurley ( the family dog) sharing MY pillow, memories of another camping date came to my mind.
With a giggle I remembered a similar tent, in a different location, involving my girls, and my mom. Dana and Laci were determined to have a sleepover with their Grammy, in our backyard, in a tent. It was already dark and they wanted to do it THAT night. She was a sucker for the girls and agreed to attend their "night of camping". With kisses good night, the three of them ventured into the back yard, in the dark, to set up the tent. Giggles and laughter could be heard coming from the tent. I was really surprised when abruptly the camping trip was over, almost as quickly as it started. The girls came in and Mom went home. When I questioned the girls as to what happened they told me that Grammy kept tooting and it smelled really bad. They were not sleeping with her! The next day, while I was cleaning up the tent and folding it up to put it away, what did I find? Ha! they had set the tent up right on top of a pile of dog po! Poor Grammy got blamed for something she didn't even do! I guess tents should only be set up in the light of day, or in my daughters family room!


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So glad you are caught up. I really enjoyed reading them all.

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