Monday, July 25, 2011

Moving Right Along

Or at least we are going to take some baby steps to see if we can move. For years, usually in the winter when my yards look less than beautiful, I get the bug to move. Lately with both girls being out in the Inland Empire the urge is much stronger. I was mulling over a move last August, even went so far as to start the paper work to be pre-approved for a loan. That's when our friend Tom came to live with us. With his passing on July 1, I have everything tided up and made a huge step.....
Yes, I know it's only a sign, but I have such mixed feelings now that we can actually move. The cons are that with short sales and foreclosures being so prominent, standard sales might be hard to sell. Because it might be hard to get full price, we are going to give selling on our own a try. We bought this one from the last owners without an agent so we know the escrow company it the one that really does all the work. Another thing is this house has everything just the way I like it. I wonder with a new house how long it will take to make everything feel like "home".....and do I have that much energy?
 The pros are that we will be closer to the kids and all the little's! IF...and I say that with hope, we can get the price we want, we can get so much more for our money out in the IE. 
So, we figure we'll just put the sign out, hold a few open houses, list it on Craig's List and Zillow and see what happens!
If it's meant to will be.
It has been the perfect home for the last 24 years, but I would love to move on......
See what I mean, 



She looks pretty darn good for being 60 years old.
We shall see if anyone agrees enough to make her their new home!


Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

If I was in the market, I'd take a second look at your beautiful home. It's sure to be a quick sale. Happy Monday! ☺

The Picketts said...

I sure love your home! And can't wait to see what the future holds for you! :o)

Lopez Life said...

I really love your home too!! It is so beautiful!

Kayla said...

I love your home Jan! It would be hard to part with! Good Luck! I hope everything pans out the way you and Jer would like it to!!!

EVALYN said...

You can't sell my house... I won't let you.... Jk I am sad though!!!!

Amy said...

Ahhh! It's SOOOO beautiful!!