Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Hatch-lings 2011

I love House Finches,
they are fun to watch and they make really pretty music.

This was my first nest this spring
If you look closely you will see all four babies.
This little girl was the last to leave the nest.
She spent a whole day longer than her nest mates
testing her wings.
While Mama and Daddy perched close by watching.
Before I had time to clean up the old nest, on the right,
the next family was moving in right next door, on the left.
What a nice and neat nest she made....
Until the wind blew it down....several times.
So this landlord got busy. A little double face tape....
Nest secure!
No more problems with the wind blowing it down.

Two days ago there were 2 eggs.

 Today there were 4. 
It was dark and I couldn't see the eggs on the screen when I was filming
That third little nest that was in the making...
and kept blowing down,
I picked it up,
and taped it down as well!
I wonder how many eggs this nest will hold?


Amy said...

I LOVE that you have such cute little birdies every year, and the color of the eggs are so beautiful. And I think it's awesome you put your creative skills to use and double taped the nests down, I laughed, such a great idea.

Lori said...

What a great landlord you are,,,

Lopez Life said...

You are so lucky to have birds nests every year that produce real birdies!! HAHA I agree! You are a great landlord! I bet your don't charge much either do ya?! :)