Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lovin' the 80's

Tonight I went to a surprise birthday party for one of Laci's longtime friends. Shannon turned 30 in April. Her parents had a party for her a month later, so it was a real surprise for her! Since she was born in 1980 they asked everyone to dress the part. This was Shannon and her family arriving.Pictures of Laci before Shannon arrived. Laci loves the 80's. She rocks the 80's look!Me, not so much....I liked the 80's look better the first time around! I was younger, thinner, didn't have to wear glasses, had the Farah hair...yeah much better then.Shannon and Laci have been best friends since 7th grade.They look great, Shannon has four kids, and Laci has three!Whoa, look at these guys, totally rad! They played the part! They could have been fresh off of a Saturday Night Live skit. Especially Mr. Pink! He was very comfortably in his skin. To get the 80's look the guys went shopping and bought these Nike running outfits from the women's department. HILARIOUS....close to being X rated, but very funny! Happy birthday Shannon!


Amy said...

Hahaha that last picture is awesome. I think I may have to copy and do an 80's party myself. :)

Kipn n' Sarah said...

that is totally awesome!!!!!

Landon and Kayla said...

That is awesome! LOL The 80's would have been way fun!