Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wordfull Wednesday

What a fun day I had today. I started out at Laci's house. We met Dana and Stephanie at Henry's for a little produce shopping. While we were in the car, this was our conversation:
Mackenzi: Nana, look at those dark clouds, it's gonna rain!

Me: that's right Mackenzi, you are so smart!

Me: Mackenzi, if the clouds were white, what would that mean?
Mackenzi: that the sky is blue!
Wow, and she is only 2 1/2!
Then Laci, the kids, and I went to In n Out for lunch. We had a few more errands after lunch, then went back to her house for nap time!
My next stop was Dana's house. I got there just in time to snuggle with Kelseabee while she fell asleep for her nap. Braeden and Dana were in the kitchen just starting a batch of her yummy home made chocolate chip cookies. We had a really fun time making them...okay, so I only watched, and took pictures!


The Picketts said...

I absolutely LOVE the last two pictures! So priceless!

Laci said...

Ohh, I need some of those cookies sent my way! YUM-MY!